Krshálá Classes

Classes are taught by Simran Godhwani and her team of trained assistants

● Specialises in the Lucknow Gharana of Kathak. Classes available for students 5 years and above, teenagers, young adults and adults upto 60 years of age. Classes also available for homemakers and working individuals

● Somatic Classes for flexibility and strength building

● Yoga for dancers of all age groups

● Classes are conducted regularly across various centres in Bangalore, including Bellandur

● Classes are grouped according to age and level of competence

● New batches can be conducted if a minimum of 15 students are available at the new location

● One to One Private Lessons and Skype Lessons for distant students can also be scheduled

● Hindustani vocal music classes

Activities at Krshálá

● Regular Kathak classes for children and adults

● Encouraging students to participate and win at various National and International Dance Competitions

● Conducting lecture demonstrations to sensitize audiences to classical dance

● Choreographing and presenting shows for corporate world and educational


● Conducting workshops for enthusiasts in a variety of dance forms in Bangalore and around the world

● Formulating and executing Performing Arts Programs for schools and colleges

● Conducting outreach programs in dance for underprivileged children

● Presenting thematic and non-thematic productions for schools according to their requirement with Dance & Drama Training, Thematic Script, Sound, Lights, Set Design, Costume & Make – up

Workshop at Krshálá – 2017

Krshálá will be conducting a summer workshop, for both adults and kids in April, 2017. No prior experience in dance is required to attend this workshop which will be conducted by professionals in a fun-filled environment. The workshop is created to educate participants about the various Indian dance forms, and introduce them to the basics of technique, style, music and rhythmic patterns. The participants will get to learn the fundamentals of the following performing arts • Kathak • Somatic Techniques • Folk Dances from India • Hindustani Vocal Music. The workshop not only helps participants learn about Indian dance forms, but also makes them appreciate our culture and heritage better. The workshop will also include pottery and other outdoor activities for children. Watch this space for more information.