Artist Residency

For International Students

Krshálá Dance Theatre (KDT) offers programs which integrate Kathak dance learning, creative growth, celebration and inner exploration. The Artist Residency programme provides a unique opportunity for creative individuals to develop their artistic journey in a spiritual atmosphere. It encourages learning Kathak in the traditional Guru-Shishya parampara, that is learning in close communion with the teacher.

Offered for a period of 1 -3 months, the residency includes accommodation and studio facilities. It can begin on any date convenient to the artist. It may also consist
of performances, workshops and other engagements that KDT will be involved during that period.

The residency is extremely beneficial to international students with an artistic bent of mind as KDT offers dynamic opportunities for cultural and artistic engagements, and artists can choose from a wide variety of excursions within the city, including temple visits, access to cultural performances in and around the city, and visiting various renowned dance schools, teachers, musicians, among others. Rest assured, the vibrant culture of the city will leave the artists inspired!


Some other details are indicated below:

Eligibility: Artists above the age of 18 years are eligible to apply. Student residency is also available.​

Duration: 30 days or upto 90 days for dancers, ceramic artists, studio potters and other special projects.​

Fellowships: The artists’ subsidised contribution towards the program is US $ 80 per day per person, inclusive of accommodation/studio charges.​

Applications: Applications are received throughout the year and reviewed weekly.​

Selection Procedure: All applicants are required to fill in an application form which is reviewed by a panel. Selection is based on the artist’s current body of work, project proposal and motivation to develop their project at the village. The requirement of a project proposal helps us to understand the viability of their project in residence given the facilities. This project may change upon their arrival and experience in India.

Creative Disciplines

We welcome applications from all creative disciplines including, but not limited to, the following areas:

Performing Arts: Acting, dancing, music, direction, choreography, puppetry, clowning and miming.

Visual Arts: Painting, drawing, illustration, studio ceramics, sculpture, photography, ikebana, digital arts, landscape art, fiber and textile arts, installation art, public art, conceptual art and so on.​​

Literary Arts: Novel writing, play-writing, creative writing, poetry, haiku, script-writing and journalism.

Healing Art: Yoga, meditation, massage, Ayurveda and other rejuvenation therapies like reiki, shiatsu, reflexology and so on.

Design: Applied and theoretical design projects in the field of graphic design; architecture; furniture and interior design; textile, fashion, accessory and jewelry design; product design; space design and narratives.

Note: While the center has private and shared studio spaces for general use, Artists are required to arrange for all necessary materials/ equipment for their projects specific to the concerned media. Further, all expenses for these and other material costs for their work are to be borne by the artists. The centre can facilitate the sourcing of such supply wherever possible.

For further details on accommodation, studios, facilities, and prices please feel free to get in touch at:​
[email protected]